Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors 2016 Updated

SEO Ranking Factors 2016

Here is my case study about SEO Ranking Factors 2016. I’ve shared my top 10 SEO ranking factors. If you are struggling in getting Rankings of your desired keywords or your website. just follow these and get your desired results.

SEO Ranking Factors 2016
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Buffer
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr

  1.  Backlinks:

Backlinks are still a High SEO ranking factor.  Even after recent update no other than the most important SEO ranking factor 2016 but authority backlinks.  Keep in mind that relativity is still important.  Do check your domain Authority and Page Authority as well.  This monitoring will help you to build an authority of your website.

It is also pertinent to mention here that; relevancy has become a major SEO ranking fact.  Your backlinks can work like a magic but you need relevant links, not a lot of quantity but quality.  One backlink from an authority and relevant website is better than 1000’s of backlinks from irrelevant websites. I use to determine keyword phrases that myself and other websites use.

  1. CTR:

CTR, is an observation of click-through rate.  Without any doubt CTR is also an important Google SEO ranking factor.  CTR is a major ranking fact.  High CTRs usually represent higher keywords rankings.  Think about your on-page SEO, the website design, flow of your content, all of these elements are important to SEO.

  1. Social Singles:

Social media shares and singles can ride your keyword to the top.  Social media can be one of the most powerful SEO resource you have. I had few client’s pages that went viral on social media.  The result was really amazing as most of their main keywords ranked in the top of Google and other search engines too.  Each one went viral on Facebook, that matter.  We saw good movement on Twitter, Pinterest also.  So keep that in mind also.

An important and admitted case study reveals that people don’t share boring and outdated content.  So, if you want social shares to weigh in on your SEO, you’ll have to get creative with your content.

  1. Revamp your content:

In present era of SEO, you can’t underestimate the value of good looking website that is user-friendly.  A lot of so-called SEOs experts and webmasters take “fresh content” the wrong way. Now you may think that you need to publish fresh content daily basis.  The answer is big NO. Rather; you need to update your content regularly.  Like you posted a content few months back but now something new has been updated on the topic, you must have to update your old content.

Always map out your content. Nothing worse than having go through hundreds of articles, cleaning them up, etc. Before you write anything, get it mapped out.  Always keep an eye on your already published content and if anything, new happens, update your content as well.

  1. On Page SEO:

This is something you’ll hear from all corners. Besides good content you need to do proper on page SEO.  Many SEO experts says a lot about keyword destiny but I am not agreed with this old school thought.  Yes, you heard it right.  Keyword destiny does not work anymore. But keep in mind that keyword research does matter.

The most important thing is YOUR TOPIC; Google will rank semantic keywords for that topic. I know its bit hard to understand but you have Google to explore more about this thing or I’ve planned to post a detail guide on this, so keep visiting my blog to get more information on this.

  1. Content is King:

Most probably you heard a lot of time that content is king but in my opinion, content is not king but Quality content is king. I can’t write about SEO ranking factors without mentioning content.  On-site SEO ranking factors, you content is most important.  Let me put this out there “like it is,” you content needs to be great and engaging. Write your content that you are talking with your reader.

Sell the problem you solve not the product. Here’s how you appraise your content.  When you’re done, read it and ask yourself as a reader that did you solve the problem or provided the information properly, which your visitors are look for? Make your content to be the best article online for the topic.

  1. EMD:

I’m sure that you heard a lot about use of exact domain name (EMD), in ranking do and don’t matter? There is a mix advice from SEO experts.  Personally I would like to use exact domain name (EMD), if my website is about a specific niche. Admittedly, keyword specific domains are worth their weight in gold but as per my experience, it’s beneficial only in a niche website.

If you have planned a big, no need to apply EMD strategy. Just make a brand of your website.  Believe me that Google and other search engines loves brands.  However, it may sometimes take time to build an authority but it’s worth is more than that spend time. A study from Yahoo reported that 74% of consumers agree that brands that create content they like can become like friends on social media.

  1. SSL Certificates:

Security is a top priority of all major search engines. After an official update by Google lately. I’ve seen that websites using SSL certificate are getting more rankings.  Nowadays, most of web hosting companies are providing free SSL certificates to its users.

Getting SSL certificate is not too complicated.  Even, if you web host is not providing free SSL certificate, try to use or same like services.  Use of SSL certificate will help you in ranking as well as it will improve better user experience.

  1. Website Performance:

Your website performance is also an important factor of rankings. You will need to decrease your site load time. Use responsive web design. Set your preferred URL domain (WWW or non-WWW). Fix Broken link.  Change page URLs with 301 redirects. Create useful 404 pages.

  1. Image optimization;

Add relevant “alt text”.  Search engines check alt text to understand the value and use of image. Use Descriptive image file name. Like if you are targeting “weight loss”, you must use your targeted keyword name in image name too.  Compress image size. Use less weight images.

Do share your strategies which you are using for seo ranking factors 2016.  I will be happy if you share someting new beside points give above for geeting good results in seo ranking.  Also don’t forgot to read about Internet Marketing.


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