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Long Tail Pro Cloud

Long Tail Pro Cloud yeah, you heard it right.  Long Tail Pro have launched this updated new web-based tool called Long Tail Pro Cloud after recent changes in Google Adwords Keyword Planner. So how does it perform?

Long Tail Pro Cloud Update
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The officials of Long Tail Pro Cloud have updated and confirm this news through a blog post here.

Long Tail Pro or LTP have long been setting the bar as the top keyword research tool for a wide variety of search engine optimization specialists and their endeavors. Developed by Spencer Haws and his team, LTP corners the market in terms of tools for finding long tail keywords with little competition allowing for great, easy high rankings. With their intuitive and sleek interfaces, sterling customer support and satisfying simplicity, Long Tail Pro are all you’ll ever need when it comes to really exploiting those long tail keywords, and if you want to get a niche page of any kind great rankings, LTP are the clear choice.

With a new web-based version released, and long-reaching changes in Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner recently. It’s time to see whether or not the Long Tail Pro web-based tool is still setting the standard for search engine optimization tools everywhere.

Long Tail Pro Cloud Update

So what are these new updates to Google Adwords Keyword Planner, and how do they directly affect you? Essentially low-spending AdWords accounts show ranges of keyword volume instead of specific numbers, which can really throw a spanner in the works, potentially. You shouldn’t worry about this too much however, because right now it’s only affecting a small number of Adwords users, and ninety-five percent of users won’t see any changes at all. Long Tail Pro have released a quick fix for the short term problem, and intend on integrating a long term fix that’ll make sure no one has to worry about these kind of updates in the future.

The short term fix essentially partially deals with the problem, but still leaves users unable to completely use Long Tail Pro, which, while obviously not ideal, at least allows the affected users to keep working.

You’ve got to remember that this is a problem that only affects a very small minority, and if you’ve not experienced any changes or difficulties already, then you probably won’t do in future, thanks to the long-term solution LTP intend on implementing. The long-term solution is still in the works, but will streamline the overall process, and allow users to avoid hassle from future Google updates within AdWords. Long Tail Pro’s new web version will ultimately feature this fix.

Long Tail Pro Cloud Features

Long Tail Pro Cloud is a huge improvement on the original LTP, for a variety of reasons. Allowing you to easily and quickly find a huge range of very low competition keywords, along with a new tool allowing you to find out how valuable they might be for your particular website, which could be highly useful for gauging and planning for success.

The new updates in Long Tail Pro are substantial. With the new KC feature allowing you to find easy keywords with even greater ease and the new Rank Value tool to determine keyword profitability and value. On top of this you’ve got the new ability to scrutinize and evaluate competition with detailed metrics, and the power to filter, sort and export results as you see fit or require, which can be highly useful when trying to sort and run a business neatly. As well as this you also have in-depth domain and page level metrics, allowing you to see in clearer and more quantifiable detail the different elements of your page and domain data.

So how well does it work? Well, according to a variety of reports and users, very, very well. It’s a legitimate step-up from previous iterations in terms of functionality, intuitiveness and range of functions. Literally anyone could operate this with minimal practice and learning time, and for the rewards and features this web-based version kicks out, this is very impressive.

LTP Cloud isn’t just a web-based tool for finding long tail keywords. It’s THE web-based tool for finding long tail keywords. LTP justifiably dominates the marketplace through their highly functional, varied and useful tool that allows literally anyone to capitalize on low competition long tail keywords, especially useful for niche website search engine optimization, but with applications throughout any SEO efforts. As well as all this, their terrific customer service and attention to detail enables them to keep up with any of Google’s updates to AdWords, and will keep you and your SEO efforts well served for years to come.

Long Tail Pro Cloud Price

Here is the best part of this new update.  According to official website, all old users of Long Tail Pro desktop version can get the new version without any extra changes to their current plan.  However, if you have not yet subscribed for this great tool. Get it Now for just $1 for 10-days Trail.  Below is a detail of all plans.







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