Hi, Khalil Arshad here, your average Joe turned into Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant.

My journey of Internet Marketing started back in 2005 when a friend asked me to do him a favor of uploading pictures to his forum, and it was a paid job. I just couldn’t believe it was possible.  I mean working from home and getting paid for is a dream, and I was living it. It was enough to be called “Pocket Money” and I was happy.

This made me realize what other opportunities lay in the internet world and I set out to explore them. As it turned out, the journey was harsh. I was scammed a lot by fraudulent schemes, offers, Paid-to-click sites and by the end of 2006, I was frustrated and wanted to leave it once and for all. But you know, when there is a will there is a way.

Therefore, in 2007, a strange thought struck me. What if other people are being scammed? Shouldn’t I aware them of the sites from my experience? How would they know? Will my voice be heard? So in 2007 I started blogging and never looked back.

Today, thanks to God I have achieved enough and helped so many people that I hope will continue my goal and help others in internet marketing. The electric waves have been in tuned with the enthusiasm and spirit to get what is desired. Hence, there is no space for scammers and fakers in my premises.

Something that is worth mentioning is; I AM A PROUD PAKISTANI. Because sometimes the clients from abroad think that people belonging to our areas are least talented and not very much true. Though, there is a huge lot working online and doing successful stories for others not only monetarily but also skilled wise. Despite the distorted image of Pakistan around the world, the evidence of purposeful participation thrown in can’t just be ignored. Therefore, my job is very much joy in association with the natives as well as with those around the world.

So, the thing is work. Work that is, a great platform with unlimited strategies to resolve issues for possible potential clients. From marketing to content writing, videos making, social media and live streaming, search engine optimization and web development to the motivational spirit entrusted to those trying to bring about their ideas into reality, is a life never to be forsaken.

And, in the world of waves that is a wonderful skill to make every idea begets the best out of it. I have produced a colorful pattern to not only enjoy, excel but also improve my lifestyle and so can you…

Internet marketing does the magic of increasing your traffic to the heights of success and builds the image you desire. Yes, it is true though it takes time trust me; but it’s worth it. Once you taste the enchanting effect of it, you would never want to let go of it. So that’s my story and I’d love to listen to yours.